SHRED12 Workout and Nutrition plan was designed with one purpose in mind...RESULTS.

We want to make this process as simple as possible which has led us to create the our Shred12 workout along with our Shred12 Six Pack Stack. A combination of training and nutrition designed to get you into the best shape of your life.


The workouts are delivered straight to your phone in your own personal app. You have two choices for your workouts; a bodyweight version or a weighted version.The Shred12 online programme delivers simple but effective workout routines that will ensure you push your body to the limit and reach your goals.

Combine this with our Shred12 Six pack stack and you really can't go wrong! This stack gives the exact supplements you will need to not only enhance your results but boost your daily performance.

The stack works side by side with your diet plan aswell as your workouts by helping your recovery quicker and to boost energy levels so that you can give 110% every single time!  

All your progress is tracked along the way and we are always here to answer any questions you may have. Our aim is to help you create the best version of yourself.


The only question left to answer is....Are you READY??



John Neill has dedicated his life to the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle alongside a training regime that simply works. He has developed an online system that can be used by everyone in any gym or at home.


John's system combines three elements; firstly John created a workout program that has the most effective training techniques that aim to burn fat, tone up and create definition. Secondly a diet plan, that is simple to follow and that covers all of the essentials to make sure you achieve your goals. And finally, SHRED12 Nutrition and Supplements to compliment your training and diet plan. These three elements will ensure your reach your goals.


John who has been involved  in the industry for 15 years has been working closely alongside supplement experts to develop SHRED12 Supplement stack. The SHRED12 stack has been designed  to create the perfect combination of supplements that can help deliver results to anyone who is willing to commit to the process. 


John says "It took me years to perfect my process; I wanted the most effective training plan to work along side nutrition and supplementation to help each client reach beyond their goals. I have repeated this process hundreds of times with every body type imaginable and as you can see from our client testimonials this process works!"



Laura H.

SHRED12 Client

"As a busy mum and a business owner, Shred was a great way to get my workout done in a fast and effective way."